Since 1984
For more than 20 years, Moulin d’Or has been providing high quality, healthy and delicious baked goods to our customers daily. We have enjoyed a phenomenal response to our products and have greatly exceeded our initial sales projections.

Moulin d’Or has found its niche primarily through modernized industries, open production sites and the milling of wheat on-site; we have been utilizing these proven strategies for success.
Moulin d’Or Franchising offers an opportunity to experience the pride and independence of owning your business along with the benefits of a proven system and a strong support network. Changing times are encouraging entrepreneurs to have their own businesses and control their own destinies as they seek to be free from the pressures of the corporate world. Moulin d’Or Franchising is a natural fit for those who are not afraid of hard work, while ready for a rewarding and successful business environment.