Since 1984
I would like to thank you for taking the opportunity to view the new website of “Moulin d’Or”. I hope that it meets with your expectations and will help you to learn a lot more about our organization.
The purpose in re-launching this new website is to give the reader a clear idea of “Moulin D’Or” –now widely recognized as one of the largest organizations in the bakery, pastry and restoration industries in the region.
The re-launch of this website emanates from our strong belief in the importance of continuous development, and the expansion of our organization’s reach.
Our characteristic vision and careful planning reflect how much effort we put in to making our company a good example of “Excellence”. We set great store by perfect performance through collective team work, transparency, quality, innovation, progressive training and mainly through the selection of business partners whose expectations match our own.
I hope that you will enjoy exploring this website and your views, comments and suggestions are always highly appreciated.
Antoine Seif

“Moulin D’Or “was founded in 1984 in “Ajaltoun” Lebanon to serve the local community with the best Lebanese pita bread.

In consideration of the incomparable quality of its products and services and the increasing number of its customer base, it opened in 2000 a branch in “Jeita” which later became the Head Office of the organization, comprising a state of the art production facility with a very impressive showroom, restaurant and snack area. 

In its continuous thrive to meet with the needs of the market, “Moulin D’Or” has been keen to expand the following products lines and services: 
  • French Breads;
  • “Mou’ajjanna’t” ( Different types of Pizzas, Thyme based “Manakeech”/Lebanese pizza, and pasta based products);
  • French pastry;
  • Lebanese dry pastry;
  • “Kaak”;
  • Lighter line- “Tannour” bread;
  • Ice cream;
  • Fast food, snacks and salads;
  • Cheese and delicatessen products;
  • Franchising;
  • Catering. 
It is the policy of “Moulin D’Or” to introduce on a continuous basis innovative products that can appeal with the requirements and the desires of the public.
  • Our vision is to be the leader in the Lebanese market by offering uncompromising quality of food and service.
  • Our talents will be the most Pro-active where we will offer a variety of products and services along with an unforgettable Customer Service and to become the customer first choice.

  • Our mission is to produce and offer nutritious tasty food and products in order to increase different category consumers life standards by introducing new eating culture and to reach stakeholder satisfaction.
1- Human capital:
  • Our talent are the most important resources. We believe in the development of our company through the attraction,the development and the retention of competent people.
2- Customer satisfaction: 
  •  We will thrive to offer unforgettable customer experience.
3- Social Responsibility:
  • We will spread & support the Culinary ART culture.
4- Innovation:
  • We keep looking forward To maintain a leading position in a highly competitive market, we encourage creativity and innovations that improve customer satisfaction.
5- Trustworthy:
  • While maintaining company confidentiality, our customers, suppliers, and staff can all count on our openness on communication and integrity in transaction.
6- Shareholder satisfaction:
  • Increasing sustainable development achieving financial goals.
Moulin d’Or was founded in 1984 in Ajaltoun and has successfully expanded, today, into one of the most thriving chains of Arabic & French Bakery and Pastry in the local and international markets.

Moulin d’Or is committed to achieve greater customer satisfaction by delivering high quality services and safe products that meet its customers’ expectations and requirements, and answering their specific needs by providing a great variety of finest bakery and pastry products as well as unforgettable restaurant and catering services.

In order to consistently achieve its corporate objectives, the management of Moulin d’Or is truly committed towards implementing and maintaining Quality and Food Safety Management Systems in conformance with the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 and complying with applicable Lebanese legislations, standards and regulations.

This is realized through identifying and controlling Quality and Food Safety risks from the purchase of raw materials till the distribution of the finished products to its customers and consumers; by defining criteria for suppliers’ selection and communicating food safety requirements and adopting HACCP and international hygienic principles throughout Moulin d’Or’s operations.

Moulin d’Or believes in reaching high productivity through its human capital that is why it gathers talented and professional employees and managers, and provides them regularly with the necessary trainings and awareness to enforce their competency and involvement in terms of maintaining and improving the Quality & Food Safety Management Systems.

Moulin d’Or believes that every employee, having an incidence on products safety and quality, must comply with this Policy which is regularly circulated across the company.

The management of Moulin d’Or is committed to provide the necessary means and resources, within available budgets, to ensure the continual improvement of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems for maintaining their effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, the management sets two main objectives: to improve the food safety & quality awareness across the organization and the management of food safety related incidents.

The Policy and objectives will be reviewed during management reviews for preserving its suitability and appropriateness to the purpose of the organization and monitoring the performance of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems.
Mr. Antoine Seif
Chief Executive Officer